Range Maintenance Support Technician

Ft. Stewart, Georgia

Job ID: 4710

CALIBRE, an employee-owned Management Consulting and Digital Transformation Company, is looking for a Tractor Operator position.  The successful candidate will join a team to support military training area rehabilitation and maintenance projects at Fort Stewart, GA. The candidate must have experience operating a variety of tractors, skid steer machines, water trucks, and backhoes.  The Operator will use tractors and cutting implements for vegetation control and support Heavy Equipment Operators and other personnel on the ground by greasing equipment, acting as a runner for parts or fuel, and other support tasks as needed to minimize equipment down time.  The Operator may read and interpret grade and slope stakes and simple plans, and may grease, adjust and make emergency repairs to equipment.  Typical functions will include mowing operations and erosion control work.  Examples include performing vegetation control, improving and grading unpaved military maneuver trails, reshaping and terracing of training areas, placing culverts, and building low water crossings.


PAY RATE: $17.51 plus H&W $4.41 per hour

Tasks Include:

  • Safely operate gasoline or diesel powered tractors to: move materials, draw implements, tow trailers, pull out objects embedded in ground, or pull cable of winch to raise, lower, or load heavy material or equipment.
  • Fasten attachments such as graders, plows, rollers, mowers (over 2000 lbs.), backhoes, seeders, and disc harrows to tractor, adjust equipment for proper operation, lubricate and make minor repairs to tractor and attachments such as tightening bolts, and replacing washers, cotter pins, and screws.
  • Push and grade or load and relocate earth, rip rap, gravel, or other materials; clear brush, stubble, tree stumps, and/or other debris.
  • Repair and maintain access trails to training areas.
  • Operate equipment from one place to another, on both improved and unimproved roads in inclement weather conditions.
  • Operate agricultural tractors with bat wing, side arm and related mowing implements in rough terrain.
  • Perform equipment maintenance and safety inspections prior to daily use.
  • Operate other implements such as mowers, weed eaters and chainsaws to ensure range facilities are maintained.
  • Maintain equipment at the operator level which includes conducting before, during, and after operations checks for serviceability, applying lubrication IAW manufacturer equipment manuals, and ensuring equipment is turned in to higher-level maintenance for scheduled services.
  • Report equipment breakdowns, schedule maintenance for all equipment and request additional equipment as needed.
  • Safely use proper lifting/loading techniques to load, properly bind and deliver heavy equipment to project sites on public roads.
  • Follow installation safety regulations.
  • The work environment may include one or all of the following:
    • Travel in Government and passenger vehicles and trucks, as a driver or passenger.
    • Travel in military wheeled vehicles.
    • Travel in vehicles on unpaved roads and off-road.
    • Travel on public transportation.
    • Field work in rough and remote terrain; in weather extremes such as thunderstorms, high heat and humidity, severe cold and wind.
    • Field work in the proximity of unexploded ordinance.
    • Field work in the proximity of military training exercises.
    • Exposure to stinging and biting insects, ticks, spiders, venomous snakes, poisonous plants, spines, and thorns.
    • Control and suppression of prescribed burns and wild land fires.
    • Use of power equipment such as chain saws, weed cutters, wood chippers, trucks, etc.
    • Loading, securing, transporting and unloading heavy equipment.
    • Use of hand tools such as axes, rakes, shovels, brush cutters, machetes, saws, etc.
    • Exposure to and application of hazardous chemicals and pesticides

Required Skills

  • Demonstrated 2 yrs experience operating a variety of power mowers and weed trimmers.
  • Demonstrated 2 yrs experience troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing small engine failures. This may include:
    • Rebuilding carburetors, fuel pumps, cylinder heads
    • Removal, disassembly, repair, reassembly and reinstallation of hydraulic system components and gear driven machinery components such as tractors, batwing mowers, blowers, riding mowers
  • Demonstrated experience troubleshooting, diagnosing and repair light equipment electrical systems using common diagnostic equipment.
  • Demonstrated experience in carpentry, plumbing, finishing to maintain range facilities
  • Hold and maintain a Georgia Driver License
  • Demonstrated experience driving medium trailers in unpaved conditions
  • Ability to traverse rough terrain carrying loads of up to 50 lbs
  • Complete assigned daily tasks unsupervised
  • Complete maintenance and usage logs
  • Additional responsibilities may include: performing vegetation control such as: bushes removal that can cause unsafe range conditions; conduct routine maintenance and repair all range firing markers and construct and maintain targets and target frames.


Desired Skills:


  • Experience supervising work crews to complete assigned daily tasks
  • MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Work within a team environment to maintain efficiency.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Experience operating of medium and heavy equipment

required Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent. (Other education, commensurate experience and demonstrated ability of individual may be substituted.)

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