Front End Developer

Huntsville, Alabama

Job ID: 4669

CALIBRE Systems Inc., an employee-owned Management Consulting and Digital Transformation Company is seeking a Front End Developer to join our Team. The Front End Developer will work closely with the LDAC Team to execute the follow tasks: Under direct supervision, assists in designing and developing compilers and assemblers, utility programs, and operating systems.


Required Skills

  • Work with colleagues and stakeholders to gain an in-depth understanding of critical business requirements.
  • Develop reports for functionals documenting status of data warehouse: Monthly report (contains total file stats of data warehouse) and weekly report (snapshot of the files received for the week).
  • Deliver Ft. Stewart Demo weekly report that documents file receipt from platforms participating in demo to TACOM.
  • Conduct quality assurance testing to ensure that systems are functioning properly and efficiently.
  • Design and implement improvements to the warehouse’s structure or adding new features as needed to support changing business requirements – currently designing methods to improve auto                    registration for files received from AMCOM.
  • Maintain organization’s data warehouse infrastructure.
  • Monitor data connections between shareholders and provide support to resolve disconnects.
  • Identify opportunities for automation of repetitive tasks within the warehouse to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Create metadata to describe data sets for easier retrieval and analysis, such as defining the structure of a database so that it can be accessed easily by other applications.
  • Pull data from data warehouse and vantage to support client requests.
  • Examine and identify database structural necessities by evaluating client operations, applications, and programming.
  • Peer review and provide guidance to developers during development.
  • Review shareholders changes to database and provide feedback and assistance.
  • Assist PMs in CBM enabling platforms and providing technical assistance, documentation, and data as requested.
  • Verify files sent meet ABCD specification and provide guidance to PMs on how to reach compliance.

required Experience

  • Must have DOD Secret Clearance 

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