Live Fire Coordinator

Ft. Hood, Texas

Job ID: 4526

CALIBRE, an employee-owned Management Consulting and Digital Transformation Company, is looking for a Live Fire Coordinator in Fort Hood, TX.

The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Capability Manager-Live (TCM-Live) requires a Live Fire Coordinator to support the Combat and Training Development (CTD) for Maneuver Combat Training Center (CTC) and Live Fire Modernization; the Live Fire Coordinator supports the CTC at the National Training Center (NTC), the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), and the Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC) in Germany. The Live Fire Coordinator supports the development, synchronization, and integration of Live Fire Modernization efforts to meet current and emerging live fire requirements and training support products.  The Live Fire Coordinator analyzes user training requirements and provide functional and technical input that relates to the development of the Live Fire Modernization Program. The Live Fire coordinator is responsible for working with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to design and recommend target densities and arrays at the CTCs, and create and validate future requirements for the CTC; this includes lifecycle replacement for all targetry and associated live fire equipment.   

Serve as the SME for user requirements and functional and technical input related to the development of the Live Fire modernization program
Conduct analysis of the CTC-Live Fire Training, Live Fire Systems, Urban Operations, or future mission requirements to identify and validate training requirements and resources from individual to brigade level
Analyze, interpret, organize, and synthesize source material to identify and document training deficiencies in current training scenarios and products
Conduct surveys of current and potential CTC Live Fire areas to develop recommendations to satisfy current and future live fire training requirements
Provide recommendations that address the full spectrum of live fire training requirements from needs identification through fielding and lifecycle sustainment.
Provide recommendations on validation, integration, synchronization, fielding and sustainment of CTC live fire training enablers
Provide recommendations for improving existing and developing new LF facilities
Provide analysis and recommendations regarding prioritization, integration, synchronization, and fielding for CTC-IS
Coordinating the flow of information among members of the CTC live fire community (i.e., HQDA, FORSCOM, CAC, NTC, JRTC and PEO-STRI)
Provide written records of meetings, conferences, working groups, etc. and prepare white papers, briefings, and presentations

Required Skills

  • Three3 (3+) years of military analyst experience or similar experience in identifying and validating training requirements, and developing and integration training in support of a commander’s training objectives
  • Two (2+) years’ experience on a battalion or higher level staff
  • Graduate of the US Army Bradley or Abrams Master Gunner course.
  • Experience as a 19K or 11B Master Gunner; experience developing unit gunnery training strategies, training plans, and training scenarios
  • Experience and knowledge of the processes and procedures related to supporting Battalion and Brigade level training exercises or events, Combat training Center rotations, or the operations of Digital Multi-Purpose Range Complex or similar training facilities
  • Ability to prepare and deliver technical and non-technical information and instructional briefings and other training to team members and government personnel
  • Knowledge of current military tactical and operational concepts
  • Knowledge and experience with the production of Operational Need Statements (ONS) for Operational Support Requirements (OSR), or Joint Capabilities Integrated Development Systems (JCIDS) documents

required Experience

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. (Other education, commensurate experience and demonstrated ability of individual may be substituted).
  • Six (6) years’ experience as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Chief Warrant Officer, or Commissioned Officer.


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