Budget Analyst

Arlington, Virginia

Job ID: 4334

CALIBRE, an employee-owned management consulting and digital transformation company is seeking a Budget Analyst to support the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense – Personnel & Readiness (OUSD (P&R)).


  • Maintains data in an electronic format available for analysis and reporting
  • Provides analysis and resource management support to OUSD(P&R) for the Defense Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES) process to include program development, coordination of annual budget submissions and execution activities to include data input, tracking, and reporting in various formats, unfunded requirement coordination and tracking, and program assessment
  • Develops inputs to the Program Objective Memorandum (POM); program review and budget review; financial exhibits; budget execution reports and spend plans; and assessment reports, briefings, and related materials
  • Maintains up-to-date financial data reflecting adjustments resulting from the program objective memoranda (POM), program reviews, and budget submissions
  • Develops and maintains an up-to-date user-friendly desk manual documenting budgeting and financial execution functions and step-by-step procedures performed to complete tasks
  • Participate in scheduled and unscheduled review meetings and briefings, as required by the government staff, and complete quick response assignments
  • Maintains data in an electronic format available for analysis and reporting
  • Provides analysis to support the P&R’s inputs into and conduct of DoD’s annual audits including the annual Statement of Assurance (SoA, formerly known as Mangers Internal Control Program), the Military Retirement Fund (MRF), and other audit-related actions
  • Supports the development of a P&R audit infrastructure necessary to interact with external financial statement auditors; improves P&R and subordinate components' financial reporting processes; monitors financial reporting controls and validates corrective actions; communicates and coordinates change management
  • Assists in the preparation of the Annual SoA regarding the effectiveness of internal controls as they relate to the OUSD(P&R) as a whole. The contractor shall support the preparation and delivery of executive-level briefings
  • Supports OUSD(P&R) development of strategies and plans to overcome material weaknesses identified in DoD internal and external audits; helps identify and recommend new business processes or controls needed to achieve financial statement assertions; monitors financial reporting controls, and validates the corrective actions of the organization
  • Assists in the preparation and coordination of OUSD(P&R) response to findings and recommendations related to the MRF; supports OUSD(P&R) participation in MRF related meetings and activities; supports government staff in the preparation, review, and coordination of documents associated with the management of the MRF
  • Assists OUSD(P&R) in activities such as: o Drafting guidance and coordinating the development of Program Objective Memoranda (POM), Budget Estimate Submission (BES), President’s Budget (PB), Issue Nominations,
  • Continuing Resolution Plans, Year Start Program Plans, Obligation Plans, Monthly Execution Reviews, Mid-Year Execution Reviews, and Year-End Execution
  • Experience with DoD accounting/oversight systems, i.e., Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) 1002 Report, DoD Execution Management System (EMS), Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) and Hyperion
  • Entering commitment items and obligating documents; Monitoring the execution (commitment, obligation and expenditures) of appropriated funds to ensure funds are properly allocated, executed and posted in the various DoD accounting systems
  • Preparing special reports, fiscal and graphic displays on data such as costs, obligations, expenditures, trends, and historical data Drafting plans, procedures, and instructions for the formulation and execution of the OUSD(P&R) budgets

Required Skills


Required Education, Certification and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, mathematics, economics or similar field and six years of experience
  • Minimum of 6 years of experience in program development, budget formulation, justification, performing analytical and budgetary duties with DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution Systems (PPBES).
  • Familiarity with Dormant Account Review-Quarterly (DAR-Q) (formerly called Triannual Review)), Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI), Statements of assurances
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Ability to use PC, Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills, Interpersonal and People Skills, Listening Skills, Multitasking Ability, Oral and Written Communication Skills, Organizational Skills, and government financial and programming systems 
  • Active Secret Security Clearance

required Experience

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