RTLA Coordinator

Ft. Drum, New York

Job ID: 4304

CALIBRE, an employee-owned management consulting and digital transformation company seeks a Range and Training Lands Assessment (RTLA) Coordinator to support military training area rehabilitation and maintenance projects under the Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program for Fort Drum, NY. 


A successful candidate will work with other components of the Fort Drum ITAM program to monitor and assess land conditions and provide information required to support land management decisions driven by commander needs for the training land support decisions that ensure and sustain maneuver training lands capacity, capability and accessibility. The candidate will conduct RTLA assessments that will provide the information required to support management decisions driven by commander needs for the training land. The RTLA Coordinator will take direction from the Government and will be responsible for leading the RTLA Crew Lead and up to six other personnel on a seasonal basis. The RTLA Coordinator will gather/produce information about vegetation and land disturbance in prairies and Training Areas to assist ITAM and Range Management Authority in land management decisions.


The RTLA Coordinator will share information and knowledge gained during the execution of his or her duties by attending and presenting at the government sponsored Annual ITAM workshop. The RTLA Coordinator will maintain an installation environmental baseline database for Fort Drum which supports training land management decision processes. RTLA data is to be assembled, edited, summarized, and managed consistent with sound scientific principles. The RTLA Coordinator will be responsible for annual reporting requirements in support of the RTLA aspects of the ITAM program.

Required Skills

  • Operate handheld GPS units with 1-meter capabilities, field and desktop ESRI ArcGIS compatible software, and the ability to obtain accurate GPS positions and troubleshoot devices.
  • Create maps and analyze data requiring knowledge of GIS analysis methods, statistical techniques, and access to advanced ArcGIS software.
  • Monitor invasive plant species
  • Conduct maneuver trail evaluation to produce information about maneuver trail condition in land management and maintenance decisions
  • Conduct trail condition mapping
  • Gather/produce information about vegetation and land disturbance in prairies and Training Areas to assist ITAM and RO in land management decisions
  • Analyze trends in floral populations, community structures, species frequency, and diversity indices. Identify empirical relationships between land condition and training use frequency, duration, and intensity. Make recommendations to the ITAM Coordinator regarding land capability to support current and projected training impacts.

required Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources or related field combined with a minimum of three years of professional work experience, to include a minimum two years in a leadership role and a minimum one year working on a military installation.
  • Ability to design and implement field studies in Northeastern North American ecosystems, collection and analysis of vegetation data, and report preparation.
  • A demonstrated ability to perform field work under severe environmental conditions and in rugged terrain, vegetation inventory, monitoring, and data collection in Northeastern North American ecosystems.
  • Advanced knowledge of Northeastern North American plant species and communities
  • Minimum two years experience using ESRI ArcMap 10.6.1 or higher, a minimum of two years of experience using ESRI ArcPad 10.2 or higher.

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